Team Lemon Enterprises, Inc.

Bridging The Employment Gap


Eventually, the reality is, very soon special education students and people with disabilities will be shifted into working in a competitive market with those who have acquired academic degrees.

Provide Meaningful Employment


At The MarPE Place we would like to help close the employment gap and increase employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities through proper training and job placement services.  

Provide Job Coaching Opportunities To Those Willing To Assist Adults With Disabilities


Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Building Business Relationships to Better The Community

Become A Business Partner

Individuals with intellectual disabilities are a viable asset in today’s society. Many are able to work but need specialized attention, care, and training to develop skills to gain meaningful employment. MarPE Place seeks to connect these special people with employers who understand and appreciate the gifts they possess.

The MarPE Place is seeking businesses that would like to partner with us to help provide meaningful employment to these individuals.  What sets us apart from other centers is that it is our endeavor to have a Job Coach for every client we service and assist so they can function properly on the job. We will provide services, support and assistance to the client the whole time they are employed if they cannot function independently. 

If you would like become one of our Business Partners, and would like to help us close the employment gap that prevents individuals with disabilities from gaining employment in our communities, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Please go to the "Contact Us" page for more information. 


Registration & Job Opportunities

Is There Someone You Would Like To Register?


If you know someone with intellectual disabilities and could benefit from our program, please feel free to contact us to start the registration process.  


Would You Like To Become A Job Coach


If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Job Coach, please feel free to contact us on the "Contact Us" page!